Before and After


I have noticed that, since the beginning of the quarantine, every time I watch a movie or a series, I have this strange feeling when I see people hugging, or kissing, or chatting in a group in a restaurant,

or, basically,

ignoring the rules imposed by the coronavirus

– 1.5 meters distance.

And I soon realize,

Ah! Of course!

What an idiot!

This was filmed BEFORE the coronavirus!

In my mind, there’s already a Before and After.

For example, we’re already starting to see POST-corona advertisement

where you see people videoconferencing with colleagues and family in ZOOM

– Zoom, another symbol of the pandemic.

You feel identified when you see people with masks, isolated grandpas behind the windows, smiles from the other side of computers’ screens…

And that’s it, they sold you something.

To watch pre-coronavirus series

it’s like diving into the world of the past,

a dive into the warm, comforting waters of nostalgia.

It helps to forget about the present,

this totally absurd present.

(Like “the past” was not already pretty absurd…)