The Light’s Journal 2/12


The Light’s Journal 2/12

7:50 am

It’s dark, I’m in the kitchen with the light and the heating on. From here I see the violet neon tube in the neighbor’s shed and the multicolored lights with Santa Claus, his sleigh and his reindeers, on the arm of the crane parked two blocks away, where they are building the apartment building with the supermarket in the ground floor on the corner of Badhuisstraat and Prins Willemstraat. The reindeers move their legs as if they were running.

The seagulls shriek.

If I turn off the light in the kitchen, the visibility is minimal. It’s cloudy. Dark. There are no signs of dawn. But it’s not total darkness. It’s an industrial darkness: surrounded by artificial lights, total darkness doesn’t exist.

I look to the other side, to the other window, the one in the front. It’s also illuminated but not by sunlight, but by more artificial light, that of the street.

Dawn: 8:30

Sunset: 16:34

Today there are 0 hours of sun.

Next Thursday:

Dawn: 8:37

Sunset: 16:31

2 hours of sun

8:05: Just now you can start to see a little light in the sky. You can distinguish the edges of the clouds, their gas forms. But you cannot even see a little piece of blue sky.

(written originally in Spanish)

The view of the sky from the kitchen